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CarePod: Decentralizing Primary Care

Problem Statement: 

  • Primary healthcare is very much centralized and inaccessible to a vast section of the world

  • Access is also limited by the lack of clinicians and the abysmal patient to clinician ratios

  • Increasing the number of clinicians solves the problem linearly i.e. for every clinician you add, you can only serve ‘x’ number of people (# of patients served = n*number of clinicians).



  • Much of the primary healthcare infrastructure does not need to be locked behind large centralized locations

  • The ‘Point of Care’ can be closer to the patients

  • The impact of a clinician need not be linear, it can be exponential (# of patients served = n^[number of clinicians])

    • Separating and multiplying the ‘hands’ of a clinician from the brain of a clinician increases impact

    • This can be done if clinicians can ‘codify’ their decision making and scale it using software to the point of delivery.

Traditional primary healthcare center


Primary healthcare with CarePods


Images of the CarePod

Systems I Designed

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