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Gathr: Bulk Buying Made Easy

Trevor Cobb and Anirban Ghosh


The Problem:

Many people living in the United States purchase food and household goods in single-use containers, and as a result, nearly 30% of all U.S. garbage is packaging waste.

Root Cause:

We believe people purchase goods in small quantities for three primary reasons:

  • To ensure freshness

  • Due to storage or capital constraints

  • Out of convenience or due to lack of planning

Our Hypothesis: 

Direct-to-consumer bulk grocery distribution could reduce packaging waste in the US by 10 — 20% in the next 10 years.

We believe this would be driven by mass urbanization, an increase in the number in multi-family units and an increase in online grocery delivery services.

Current Competition Benchmarking:

comp bench.png

Introducing Gathr:

Product hero shot.png
exploded view.png

How Does it Work:

Smart bottles that would monitor the level of content in each bottle would be distributed to each apartment in a building. Based on the level of a particular item, the system would collate all the orders to secure bulk pricing. The item would then be shipped to a hub apartment (gathr'r) where the occupants of the other units can come and pick up their items.

operations diagram.png


We believe that such a system has a multitude of advantages over the current system:

  • Cheaper cost of goods for the end consumer

  • Reduced Packaging Waste

  • Removal of "middle-men" from the system

exploded view.png

Snapshots of the Prototype:

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