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StingBot: Sting-ray Soft Robot
Wei Wu and Anirban Ghosh

Working of the Robot

The Stingray robot uses PneuNets Bending Actuators to actuate the flaps. The air is pushed into the chambers using two-way pumps from the air stored inside the central body. Using soft robots to provide propulsion helps keep the entire structure airtight without additional sealant.


This project was built for the course "SCI-6478: Informal Robotics / New Paradigms for Design & Construction" taught at Harvard John A Paulson School of Applied Sciences and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Different motions from Silicone-based actuators 

Bioinspiration for the robot 


Robot Iterations

Proposed Engineering Schematic

*Simulations were done on COMSOL and Fusion 360

**Renderings were done on Keyshot 9 and Blender

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